Arclight is a Manchester based electronic artist, whose music is a progressive fusion of post-industrial music from the 80’s and 90’s. With  emotive and introspective lyrics that resonate, Arclight deliver with flawless vocals which chill from the nebulous depths of the soul…

Lord what have I done?

“Lord what have I done?”  is a song where the protagonist appears to have made a big mistake and is profoundly regretful of their actions. With polished vocals, Arclight sings like an immaculate Marc Almond, coated in melancholy and with an intangible aloofness, which circumnavigates throughout the song. The heart-felt and apprehensive lyrics:  “I never said I was perfect. I’ve always known I was flawed I know I’ve thrown away our chances…” sound like the protagonist has resigned himself to a place of self-persecution, which could be set in a torture chamber of a Baroque Castle. This feeling is amplified with the opening Oldfield-esque synths which chime like a haunting wake-up call or reminder of the past. Like Baroque architecture, “Lord what have I done”, is characterized by dramatic intensity which chills behind a stony facade. Whether the self-inflicted beatings are justified or not, the protagonist‘s anguish is illustrated through flashes of electronic synths that shimmer like a prism, reflecting light onto the darkness. It is through this darkness that an underground of choppy synths manifest, sounding like insects vehemently eating away inside… However, it is towards the end of the song that it crosses over into a neo-classical dark wave, where the polished vocals become animated against the haunting violins which glide peacefully in and out of the glitchy, distorted synths. Like a Baroque painting, “Lord what have I done”, is a hallmark for moral conflict and tensions, whose sonic tones contrasts sharply between light and dark…


“Forever” appears to be a song about unrequited love which lyrically, I feel, is Arclight’s most intimate and exquisite song. “I thought I had more time to breathe, but I had drawn my last breath. Although my conscience was denied I had let myself fall deeply into you…” Opening with solemn guitars, “Forever” is Arclight’s most diverse and musically stripped down song. However, these guitars are soon eclipsed by the eclectic wave of electronic synths that orbit around the stunning vocals. It is the first wave of synths that encapsulates the sorrow and sadness of the protagonist. Sounding like a gentle breeze blowing on the ocean, the synths transmute rapidly, enhancing the musical soundscape.

However it is the merging piercing synths that ripple in waves and sound as if iron-nickel is being dropped into the ocean. From this point, Forever’s mass of synths spin and rotate like a vortex, which then plunge into deeper chimey tones. Lyrically meticulous, “Forever”, also unravels a further emotional thread: “I can’t escape the world I crashed into” which is depicted through metallic synth, that sound like a meterorite spinning close at hyper-velocity. It is during the outro that the music takes a different route and exits with a free-style 70’s Farfisa Hammond organ which modulates the mood, almost sounding detached from the central theme…

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