The Slow Readers Club


“The Slow Readers Club” are an alternative post punk-electronica band from Manchester, whose talent benchmarks the new wave of guitar fused electronica bands recently hitting the headlines. Without the cliched, gloomy disposition normally associated with this genre, “The Slow Readers Club” bustles and energises through a tough veneer. Despite their accomplished musicianship, there is something really self-effacing about “The Slow Readers Club”, a sort of cool swagger which moves calmly amongst their bombastic backdrop.

“Siren” is a song which flirts with a Brit-pop bounce, whilst blast-capping with the dynamite duo of Post-punk electronica. It’s a song whose circuit of synths mutates whirls and rallies around the crunchy guitars and pulsating bass. Lyrically compact and quietly despairing, “Siren” is a catchy song, whose dead-pan vocals nestle amongst the throbbing beats and spinning overtures.  In a nutshell “Siren” is like a tribal Bravery song meeting the Stone Roses on a dark night…

“Feet on Fire” is a song whose chimera of opening synths reverberates like a digital alarm clock, beeping and snoozing amongst its raucous energy. Loaded with lascivious regret, “Feet on Fire”, is an adrenaline pumping wake-up call, whose gritty lyrics are inflamed by the formidable soundscape.  It’s a song whose jagged guitars  penetrate through the fluttering synths and sonic beats. Despite the iron guitar-laden armour, “Feet on Fire” wraps itself with a veil of choir-esque interludes which semi-extinguishes the internal hellfire.