Six Quickies with Meriel Malone…


1) Hello Meriel, as a punk-poet, you’ve recently supported The Fall at The Salford music festival. So what was that like ?

Supporting The Fall was definitely the most important gig for my career so-far. I’m really proud to know that Mark E Smith likes what I do, and it was ace to see that John Robb accepted my invite to that event and wrote a review of it, including some positive words about me. The Fall have a dedicated crowd, I am glad I went down well with them and there will be more performances from me at future gigs by The Fall.

2) After listening to your “A Tart with a heart”, “Nuclear Times”, “Maureen in Payroll”, “Thoughts On Watching Men Shave”, “Keeping Mum” poet video’s, I’ve become a fan. Are your poems based on observation or is it a case of having a fertile imagination?

“People watching” is a hobby of mine but I reckon it’s a bit of both. Someone once said that whatever a person writes first, be it a novel, script or song, that it is always, even when unintentional, a semi auto-biography. I think that is accurate.

3) If I was going to describe your work in a few words I’d probably say it was dark, kitchen-sink, intimate, acerbic, funny etc. Am I on the right tracks?

Yes, I agree. People often comment to me that I seem to nail their own experiences and thoughts with my work. I am quite dry-humoured so I think this reveals itself in my writing.

4) Not only is your work intelligent and funny, I also think you deliver with such passion and humour. Have you ever thought about becoming an actress, as you seem such a natural performer?

I’d love to be an actress, the idea of method acting and putting myself into another character’s shoes appeals to me.

5) Is there a piece of work that you are most proud of?

Nuclear Times. For me, it was the first poem I ever wrote aside from lyrics, it was the perfect poem. I recall smiling and feeling tearful as the words streamed out of me and it is now the favourite of a lot of the people who like me. Reasonable Use is the poem I am currently proud of, I wrote it 3 weeks ago, and I think it is typical of my work, even the Structure of Reasonable Use seems to naturally mimic the style of Nuclear Times, defining me as a Poet.

6) Is there an artist that you would love to work with in the near or not too distant future?

I’d like to write for some bands. Ideally I would write with Jarvis Cocker, he is a published Poet and a huge influence lyrically over myself. I am hoping to work alongside John Cooper Clark next year.

Well thank you Meriel, it’s been an absolute pleasure

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  1. An exciting, daring, acidic, cruel, kind, observant performance…a very talented poet who will be capturing audiences for many years to come….fantastic Meriel.

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