Six Quickies with Phil Beckett…


1) Hello Phil, you’ve had a varied career over the last 20 odd years and are currently the main residential DJ at Bop Local, in Chorlton, working alongside Tom O’Toole and Alison Bell. What is that like compared to other DJing jobs that you have ever done?

Well, it’s wonderful to be honest. I feel like I’m at home there, it’s grown up in all the good ways. I very rarely listen to music on my own anymore unless it’s something new I can’t get out of my head, then I’ll obsessively play it to death. I think it’s the DJ gene, wanting to share (and show-off probably) music with a crowd. Bop Local has attracted people of a like mind, people who like rhythm in all it’s variations, dancers, people who’s hair stands up on their necks when a particular song comes on or a break drops. It’s the best DJing job I’ve ever had.

2) You’ve travelled all over the world as well as doing your DJing sets at the Rock & Roll Bar, Funkademia, The Revolution, Moho, Beatwolf radio and of course The Hacienda. Is there an artist that you would love to work with, maybe remix some old classic or perhaps do a DJ set with?

It’s funny, I asked Guy Garvey if I could remix ‘One day Like This’ before it was a single and he was up for it, I wanted to do a kind of ‘Loaded’ Primal Scream beat and dub it up, time was against us as it had been earmarked for a single release…It might have been shit with hindsight but the enthusiasm was there!

3) The Hacienda celebrated its 30th anniversary last year by hosting an old-school rave in the car park of the former building. If you were to release an album to celebrate your career, which twelve tracks would you choose?

Erm…Flummoxed by that one, let me think?
Orange Lemon ‘Dreams Of Santa Anna’ would have to be there as would Lou Pride’s ‘I’m Com’un Home In The Morn’un’, Any Toots & The Maytals, Christ, I don’t know there are hundreds!

4) You’ve known The Stone Roses for years, DJing at this year’s gigs and even with John Squires’ The Seahorses, back in the 90s. Is it safe to say that you will be DJing with The Stone Roses at next years’ gigs in Finsbury Park, Glasgow etc?

I haven’t been asked yet, I had a great time on tour, it was unbelievable really, I hope I am but as Arthur C. Clarke once said, ‘Who knows?’

5) You’re an old pro and make DJing look so easy. Has the digital revolution of the last 20 years radically changed the way you DJ your music?

No, but it has done my back a lot of favours, records are heavy!

6) Music wise, you are renowned for your eclectic set of music, including 60s psycheldelia, drum and bass, dub, reggae, club classics, Northern Soul and Indie. Do you personally have a favourite genre of music?

Like everyone I go through moods, I suppose I always come back to Soul and Reggae but on the way I love Chicago House, Detroit Techno, The Clash, The Byrds, The Kinks, 2 Tone…erm I suppose I haven’t got a favourite then.

Cheers Phil, you’ve been brilliant.