Single of the Week – “Diamond Minds” by Sister Ray


Sister Ray are an alternative rock band from Stockport, whose eclectic mix of jangly and razor sharp riffs blend with ease against the stunning vocals. Comprised of Leanne Scaletta on vocals, Adam Yates on guitar, Luciano Molina Batchelor on bass and Daniel Walker on drums, Sister Ray are adept at producing a catchy chorus that takes on a quirky narrative about everyday musings. Delivering a host of anecdotes, Sister Ray’s lyrics are skilfully written by Alex Norsefire , whose wry humour has been filtered through gems such as“Get up you’re late again, just who do you think you are, you’re not John Lennon, you’re barely Ringo Starr!”.  Combining a host of subdued and boisterous beats, Sister Ray’s musical soundscape is textured by semi-ambient synths, that lift the songs with low-key euphoria.

Having released their Diamond Minds EP on 18th August 2012, Sister Ray have been gigging around the North West and gaining a loyal fanbase. Now due to play at The Headlander Festival in June 2013, Sister Ray are a band worth checking out and whose song “Diamond Minds” has been selected as my single of my week.

The title track, “Diamond Minds”, is a great song which showcases Sister Ray’s smooth diversity and how Scaletta’s captivating vocals lavish the song. Sounding like a more refined Siouxsie Sioux, Scaletta has one of those naturally seductive voices, that makes her a cool chanteuse and a real asset to the band. With its undertow of elongated synths, jangly, up-stepping riffs and loose drums, “Diamond Minds” has all the makings of a breezy, ponderous song. However, just as you are getting comfortable in your seats, “Diamond Minds” guitars emerge like a Russian cossack dancer on heat, kicking out a stream of post-punk and 70s glam riffs, that angle-grind against the tinny and stomping beats.