The Children of the 90s


The Children of the 90s is an alternative, electro-guitar infused one-man band from Manchester, whose individualistic, excitable and subdued sounds makes him something of a free-spirit amongst android rock. Experimental, esoteric and anachronistic, The Children of the 90s beats like a robotic Rolling Stones and Primal Scream love child, whilst wailing like a torturous Daft Punk, in some underworld of free-range frenzy.

Having released his “Alcoholic Tunes” EP in December 2012, The Children of the 90s has been working on new material and recording in the studio. Intense and intriguing, with a subliminal sound, The Children of the 90s stay loyal to the 90s with his titled track “Alcoholic Tunes”. What could be a psychotic incarnation of Babylon Zoo and Lenny Kravitz, “Alcoholic Tunes” beats with impetuous force against the industrial, crunchy and pounding riffs. Along with the electronic tampered vocals, subtle synths and screechy riffs, “Alcoholic Tunes” wallows in obscurity, building to a seizure of sounds.

“Glass Memories” on the other hand is a more subdued song and whose telescopic vocals resonate against the chunky and gliding, razor sharp riffs. “Me and My Cigarettes” is the bands most ethereal song and its ambient synths create a dry ice fog around the military drums and reviving riffs. Like all the songs from this EP, “Me and My Cigarettes” highlights The Children of the 90s’ skill at penning a charged up song through a duality of obscure and jagged soundscapes.