Kristian Marr


Northern Soul?

Introducing Kristian Marr, self-described as friendly and approachable, the London boy with a Northern Soul? Marr’s musical influences are the legends, Hendrix, The Stones, Dylan and Neil Young.

“Towers of London” were graced with his stand-in presence in 2007.  Marr played lead guitar in this British Punk band that fused glam metal with more traditional rock styles. The critics were divided on the bands significance but they enjoyed a lengthy stint on the live circuit supporting big name bands such as “Guns n’ Roses” and the “New York Dolls” gaining them media attention.

Amy Winehouse was one of the first household names to recognise Marr’s talents and encouraged him to pursue a solo career. Fully aware of industry standards and expectations she provided a much-desired mentor to the budding musician.

Kristian has also dabbled with the French connection, joining his friend Peter Doherty for gigs in Paris and even featuring in the film, “Confession of a child of the Century” alongside the artist.

More recently, Kristian has been churning out the riffs with Rock and Blues band, originating from Oldham, “Proud Mary”. Noel Gallagher contributed to the band and signed them as the first act to appear on his Sour Mash roster. They are well known on the festival circuit and have played tours along with the likes of Ryan Adams and Neil Young.

“Spring Heeled Jack” is a relatively new project where Kristian appears on vocals as well as his usual role of lead guitarist. The band boasts an enviable acoustic repertoire. and

With the Major labels focusing on commercial cash cows (think Rhianna and Robbie Williams ‘360’ brands) rather than developing soulful talent, it’s rare to find an A&R man ready to take a revolutionary step. EMI’s takeover by Universal Music may mean that the last dregs of an industry willing to get down and dirty, trawling not only the live circuit but unusual and often secret or impromptu venues; investing where the buzz is at, may have been lost forever. So in the context of this current music industry climate, is Kristian’s future Indie?  We’ve chatted with the man to ask about his intentions and ambitions.

In terms of style, Kristian says he’s,

“Heading for more of a blues, soul, rock style now and for the foreseeable future”.

When we asked about label ambitions, it appears he’s just as curious as ourselves,

“Well, I want to see what [is] available really”.

So with Kristian’s musical influences, individual style and support from iconic artists of our generation who uphold the tradition of celebrating marginal existence, utilising their raw talents and remaining true to their roots; we can be sure that Kristian’s recognition will not remain an underground phenomenon but rather gain commercial backing, rising against the odds. Northern Soul? His biography and musical tastes to date would suggest so. He might not be from around here but he’s most definitely one of us.

Kristian Marr, “Rise of the Fall”