“Mudball” by Nick J Townsend


Mudball (Worcestershire / UK) – Band

Formed in 2008, Mudball are a tight three-piece band. Commercial rock sounding, by that I mean they have great tunes which are on the same wave length as rock giants such as Foo Fighters and QOTSA, real catchy chorus melodies and a joy to listen to. Slick, well executed groove based pop rock music without the ego nonsense. Things you need to know; they have two music videos on YouTube which are “Day Glows” and “Tellyland”, plus they’ve previously supported major artists such as Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant. Mudball features two brothers (Rich & Nick Eacock) who along with bassist David Pritchard offer an original British band slightly coated with a few American rock influences.

Nick J.Townsend

Nick J.Townsend (press photo) Photo by Fabrice of Alt & Ego (London)

Nick J.Townsend is the vocalist and guitarist for British band WEAK13. An experienced underground musician, music promoter and zine columnist. He is also a TV supporting Actor and has appeared in shows such as Shameless (ch4), Hustle (bbc) and Young Dracula (bbc).