Single of the Week – “Feel like Me” by The Long Lost Band


“The Long Lost Band” are an alternative, psychedelic-infused rock/folk band from Lancaster, whose array of riffs demonstrates the versatility and wide influences of their craft. Having supported I am Kloot and Ian McNabb, in 2010, “The Long Lost Band” have quickly gained a reputation for being a brilliant live band. Soon to support Ian McNabb again on his forthcoming Autumn tour, “The Long Lost Band” have been busy in the studio, working on their forthcoming 2nd album.

With Stuart Anthony on vocals/guitars, Matt Appleton on lead guitar/vocals, Oscar Armer on bass and Greg Maddox on drums/percussions, “The Long Lost Band” are a sophisticated band whose intelligent lyrics convey a wistful maturity, without over-indulging in their sorrow. Distinguished by his Nick Cave-esque vocals,  Anthony  is one of those rare front-men whose voice completely consumes the song.

Released on 26th April, “Feel Like Me” is the first single taken from the forthcoming album, which has been selected as my single of the week. Available to download from Soundcloud now, “Feel Like Me”, will soon be available on itunes, amazon, spotify and a limited CD run.

“Feel Like Me” sees “The Long Lost Boys” take a more eclectic detour, abandoning their folk roots and embracing a more garage and rock-funk sound. With its pulsating bass, “Feel Like Me” synchronizes with the rolling drums, likened to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers creating a  chilled out and distinctive sound. Along with its crunchy and jerky riffs, “Feel Like Me”, tugs and pulls against Anthony’s rich, serene vocals, creating a restless, juxtaposition of sounds. It’s a great song, which subtly sails on angular tides that are deepened by the passionate lyrics.

Lyrics such as: “All I wanted from you was your burning love….Do you feel like me”, encapsulate the sentiments of the song, without being overly ostentatious with its affections. Through its dual vocals and psychedelic splodges, “Feels Like Me”, conveys an understated trippy 60s vibe, enhancing the wanderlust and shadowy factors of the song.

“Feel Like Me” was produced by Paul Walmsley.