Single of the Week – “Yeah Fool” by China White


“China White” are a funk, electro, soul, acid House, dub, Hip-Hop and rap infused band from Warrington, whose retro and graphically packaged lyrics make them a nocturnal and distinctive band. With Liam Croker on vocals, Jamie McGregor on guitar, Richie Rich on bass, Sam Tushingham on drums, Antony Egerton on Keys & Programming and Inder Goldfinger on percussions, “China White” are one of those bands who resurrects the urban cool of the 70s and 80s and remasters it with a raw street-poetic edge. Described by Producer Danny Saber as being “...the most exciting, edgy band I’ve worked with since Black Grape. Destined to be huge”, “China White” are quickly gaining a reputation as an exciting and engaging live act.

Having played at the “Antwerp Mansion” to launch their EP “Yeah Fool/Keep on Livin”, back in March 2013, Crocker has proven himself to be an engaging and charismatic performer, whose raspy vocals  stood  their own ground against  Ruthless Rap Assassins’/Black Grape’s Kermit, who he collaborated with on the live set.

The EP in itself is a recommended purchase, which benchmarks the  new wave of Northern talent that incorporates an array of sub-genres, whilst cementing their own individual sound. Released on March 30th 2013, the EP is now available on digital download through IT Tunes and Amazon, and features my single of the week “Yeah Fool”.

With its rebounding electro vocals and pristine synths, the self-titled track “Yeah Fool” is reminiscent of early Prince when he was a funky maestro and before he went all diamonds and pearls. Through its explicit lyrics, smoky vocals and seductive backing vocals, “Yeah Fool” skates into a 70s dark roller-skate disco, where the lights are dim and the risky vibes bounce against hesitant bass. It’s dark, urban-funk personified, a sort of smooth operator that gets you in the party mood through its rattle shakes, rumbling and  samba beats. Along with its clicky and wah riffs, “Yeah Fool” preens with a sense of groovy laid-back freshness that chills in the background, allowing the rap vocals to effortlessly take centre stage.