“Becky Rose” by Nick J Townsend

Becky Rose

Becky Rose (Worcestershire / UK) -Solo artist

A lot of great singers want to make it big in the music industry but few can actually write good original tunes and pull off performing it live on the stage. Becky Rose however is a true miracle, a young classically trained songwriting diva loaded with real experience playing live and with her trademark ‘Korg’ keyboard blasts an arsenal of modern electro and traditional piano styles. Things you should know; she has supported music icon Toyah Wilcox, released two music videos on YouTube which are “Don’t settle me” and “Filthy”.

Nick J.Townsend

Nick J.Townsend (press photo) Photo by Fabrice of Alt & Ego (London)

Nick J.Townsend is the vocalist and guitarist for British band WEAK13. An experienced underground musician, music promoter and zine columnist. He is also a TV supporting Actor and has appeared in shows such as Shameless (ch4), Hustle (bbc) and Young Dracula (bbc).