“Eight Great Fears” by Nick J Townsend

Eight Great Fears

Eight Great Fears (Birmingham / Coventry / UK) – Band)

If you grew up in the 90’s loving bands such as Tool and Nine Inch Nails then this five piece band will strike a chord with you. This is intellectual progressive music and constructed by real musicians who make beautiful imaginative  Check out their page soundcloud.com/eightgreatfears to hear works of genius such as the rocking groove of “Porno Queen”, or the dark and surreal masterpiece “Rise Against The New Politician”. Things you should know; they’ve previously toured the UK With the likes of Wrapped In Plastic, Hostile, WEAK13 and Left For Red.



Nick J.Townsend

Nick J.Townsend (press photo) Photo by Fabrice of Alt & Ego (London)

Nick J.Townsend is the vocalist and guitarist for British band WEAK13. An experienced underground musician, music promoter and zine columnist. He is also a TV supporting Actor and has appeared in shows such as Shameless (ch4), Hustle (bbc) and Young Dracula (bbc).