Summer Sizzler of the day…”Door to Summer” by the Paris Angels


Hot off the press, “Door to Summer”, is the second song to be taken from the soon to be re-released second album “Eclipse”, by the Paris Angels. It’s a refreshing song, reminding us of the baggy brilliance of those indie-dance-popsters. Released on July 22nd 2013, via Stereokill Recordings, “Door to Summer” is worth checking out, taking you on a trip down memory lane,  whilst poignantly reminding us of the legacy of former drummer Simon Worrall, who sadly passed away on November 1, 2011.

When you listen to “Door to Summer”, you really do feel like summer has arrived. It’s an infectious, feel-good song, whose textured tones, cohesively blend, creating a dreamy, hazy ambiance. With its looping, chilled out riffs and speckled synths,  “Door to Summer,”oozes that on-the-go hustle and bustle of those summer nights, which is sedated by the laid-back vocals. It’s a sun-drenched song which sees  Turner’s vocals intermix with the relay of Gill’s vocals, gliding against the undercarriage of elongated synths .  Along with the folk-psychedelic flutes, “Door to Summer”, soaks  its acid-jazz trumpet in all the carefree and majestic euphoria, creating the perfect song for the summer.

Rikki Turner – Vocals, Wind Instruments
Jayne Gill –       Vocals, Percussion
Steven Tajti –    Keyboards, Programming
Scott Carey –     Bass, Harmonicas
Mark Adj –          Rhythm Guitar, Percussion
Simon Worrall – Drums
Paul Wagstaff –  Guitar