OXJAM Music Festival at The Wharf by Melissa Klatsia


Calling all North-West music enthusiasts!


You may recall that I wrote an introduction to Kristian Marr’s solo career back in May of this year. For those who missed it, you can still read it online: http://mancreview.com/2013/05/kristian-marr/

I met up with Kristian recently in Islington for a short stroll with the dog. A couple of days later, there was a last minute panic for a bass amp at his gig at the Taproom but under Manny Montanaro’s (Can’t dance Design Studio) watchful managerial eye, the night went ahead. You can catch Kristian at The Wharf, Macclesfield on the 26th October where he’ll be playing for our Oxjam Festival.

The event will also be J.A.I.M.E…’s (Harding – Ex-Marion) first gig back in his hometown of Macclesfield since starting his own solo career. Jaime’s recent Facebook status quoted Manchester Punk Poet, John Cooper Clarke, “Get back on drugs, you fat fuck!” A cheeky reference to those ghosts from the past who might object to him now being a cleaned up musician.

Smokin’ Prophets Feat. Robbie Coulter (Ex Dead Pin-ups) are making a special appearance in the north too as they kick off their new band project. We at Oxjam Macclesfield hope you’ll give them the warm welcome they deserve as you kick back in the laid back atmosphere of this Trappist beer cellar.

Details of the bands, venue and other events as part of the town’s festival can be found here: