Single of the Week: ” Sing Me To Sleep” by Jackson Wolf


Review written by Andy Holland

“Sing Me To Sleep’ is the opening track of solo singer-songwriter Jackson Wolf’s new EP, ‘Something About The Wolf’. It’s a world-weary but witty song about suffering from insomnia, similar in nature to John Lennon’s song about the same subject on The Beatles’ White Album, ‘I’m So Tired’. Jackson Wolf has more in common with Pete Doherty though, at least lyrically, with lines like ‘Do you remember last December, your friend and the five pound note you lent her?’ and other very English colloquialisms. The Englishness of Wolf’s style is what sets him apart from most other singer-songwriters; instead of adopting a dodgy transatlantic accent, he sings with his own Mancunian accent, the result is very honest, real and urban.

The beat is nominally loping country in feel but the song is essentially acoustic indie-pop. There is some subtly played, slightly jazzy electric lead guitar on this track which works well and if more people hear Jackson Wolf’s songs I imagine they’d have broad appeal. They have a ramshackle charm to them and Wolf has a voice that makes the lyrics very believable; this is quite a rare, precious and unusual talent. Later on the EP he introduces a mandolin into the mix, which is always a winner as far as I’m concerned. This illustrates that despite the fact that this is a solo, mostly acoustic EP, there are a wide range of styles on it.