On the Radar: Divine Planet

Divine Planet are an avant rock band based in Manchester and featuring Orben on vocals, Alexis on guitars, Adam on bass, Luke on drums and Dave on guitars and synthesizer. Divine Planet’s originality becomes really apparent on this track which starts with a metallic guitar riff courtesy of Alexis, then joined by Adam’s bottom heavy bass-line. At this juncture, one may be forgiven for thinking that this sounds almost like formulaic alternative rock but then drummer Luke detonates a propulsive modern hip hop style beat which sounds like it was recorded in the stairwell of high-rise car-park and the atmosphere begins to darken a great deal. When Orben starts singing the whole thing becomes really disturbing, partly owing to a disorientating synthesizer pad provided by Dave but mostly owing to the singer’s own unhinged performance. Orben’s voice is really distinctive and he has a wide range; his menacing  vocals on the downright scary chorus have to be heard to be believed. He also sings with his own Mancunian accent, which is another bonus as far as I’m concerned.The word angst doesn’t even begin to cover the feeling of rawness one detects in this recording. Divine Planet seem to have combined forces to bring you an aural document of their collective self-loathing and I feel we should all applaud them for it. The band is obviously inspired by the more experimental end of American alternative rock scene and possibly even some avant garde material. The nearest equivalent to their style I can think of is the work of Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor and the many bands inspired by him. I also detect a Steve Albini influence; are Divine Planet be fans of Big Black, for example? The video that accompanies this song deserves a mention too. It goes very well with the track and is suitably dark and off-kilter. The band throw themselves into it with passion and gusto – they seem to do it that with everything. If you want some homegrown experimental, avant rock, why not give Divine Planet a try? This is very promising indeed.Review written by Andy Holland

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xnZmivc3c8 https://www.facebook.com/divineplanetband?fref=ts