On the Radar: Rufus Hok


Rufus Hok is a singer/songwriter based in Liverpool whose acoustic and electric sets make him a diverse and engaging artist. Currently working on new material, Hok bridges the gap between old school rock and new wave blues rock.

Taken from his forthcoming album “Interficial Artelligence”, his latest single “’Hoo Trua’” Hok delves back to his rock roots, whilst giving it a contemporary veneer. It’s an infectious song whose all-consuming chorus wears its rock n roll hat with sprightly pride. It’s a catchy number, whose nimble-fingered and crunchy riffs point in the direction of rockabilly-alt-blues-rock.

Along with his pristine voice, Hok is an accomplished guitar player and his popularity has been heightened through his local sell-out gigs.

“Interficial Artelligence” the album is released in late summer/early autumn

Hok is also involved in the “Bombed Out Church” campaign, supported by Yoko Ono which aims to restore  St Lukes Church which is old historical landmark in Liverpool.

You can catch Hok at the following upcoming gigs:

12th July: Dundee City Centre 2pm

22nd July: Ma Egertons Liverpool 9pm free entry

3rd August: An audience with Rufus Hok plus special guests- St Lukes Church Liverpool 12pm admission via donation.

22nd August: Shrewbury House Garden Party Everton 12pm free entry.

24th August: Bombed Out Festival  Liverpool- St Lukes church 12pm admission by donation and children welcome (benefit bash).