On the Radar: The Red Bricks

Thered bricks

The Red Bricks are a post-punk, garage band from Middlesborough, whose raw and stripped down soundscape is a great reminder of that guitar-laden music in its most raw and organic element, before music got overly complicated or digitally enhanced. It’s post-punk in its purest form, a sort of apprentice Buzzcocks or  The Undertones or The Libertines distant cousin. They are a great band, whose brooding bases, jangly riffs and rumbling beats wouldn’t sound out of place in 1977 and whose gritty vocals are perfectly pitched for this genre of music.

Comprised of Georgie Brown on vocals/guitar, Alex Leech on guitar, Michael Barnes on bass and Izaak Oliver on drums, The Red Bricks are a band without any gimmicks or a band driven by angst or fury, instead a band that makes good music, keeping it real, which is part of their vast appeal. Having been busy gigging locally and working on their debut EP, The Red Bricks are a band really worth checking out and perhaps without even realising it are endearingly nostalgic.