Single of the Week “Out In The Cold” by Matt Fryers

Matt Fryers was previously the frontman and main songwriter in Hardy and Casual Riot before going solo in 2010. Since then he has built up a deservedly good reputation on the city’s acoustic circuit, being described as a ‘breath of fresh air’. Live, he plays a selection of his own work and cover-versions, but the track I’m about to review here is entirely his own composition. Matt Fryer’s songwriting is no doubt aided by his versatile and dynamic vocal range, which is showcased by this song. ‘Out In The Cold’ has been compared to the work of Paul Weller which but I have rarely heard Weller sound as passionate, vulnerable and desolate as this. The song is built on a relatively simple chord pattern in a minor key – it reminds me initially of Angie by The Rolling Stones but melodically totally different. Fryers’ vocal and guitar technique bring a great deal of depth to the composition.The lyrics are excellent; some of them are sung in practically a rap style and this is produces an exciting effect. The song builds up pace and power as it goes along, beginning rather subtly but becoming quite furious even by the middle. At well over four minutes long ‘Out In The Cold’ has enough drama, tension and dynamic range to keep the listener’s attention for its entire duration and then some. There is a lot of promise shown in this track and with a talent like Fryers’, the best is surely yet to come. Matt Fryers isn’t your typical acoustic singer-songwriter – he doesn’t look like one either – and perhaps this is why he is the only solo acoustic act picked to appear on Scruff Of The Neck Records’ ‘Mix Tape Volume 1’ in the company of four full bands. He is picking up more and more fans every time he plays so why not check him out at a venue near you.