EP of the Month: “Barrowmore” by The Revolutionary Spirit


The Revolutionary Spirit are an alternative rock band from Wrexham, Wales, whose psychedelic, blues infused music is reminiscent from a golden age, whilst stepping into the realms of dark wave punk. Comprised of Josh Page on vocals/guitar,  James Tindle on lead guitar, Jared Tindle on bass and Greg Michell on bass, The Revolutionary Spirit are a band really recommended to check out. A mesmerising and compelling band, The Revolutionary Spirit reverberate, fluctuate and mutate with effortless cool.  Notably, it’s the enticing  vocals of  Page that  translate an array of emotions and create a consistent visceral sound.  Lyrically a blend of poetic musings and raw sentiment, The Revolutionary Spirit give you abstract glimpses into their reflective soul. A great live band, The Revolutionary Spirit have been busy in the studio working with Sy Jones from The Verve and Black Submarine, mixing tracks for their debut EP “Barrowmore”. Released on Saturday 20th June, “Barrowmore” is a well recommended purchase and is available in CD format and via Itunes.

1) Find My Way

With its crashing and reverberating riffs, “Find My Way” prowls through the grunge tunnels of early 90s, before spinning from a  vortex of  6os blues infused psychedelia. It’s a brilliant track which carries all the weight of the quintessential rock song that is pulsated by the Beatles-esque bass. What’s great about “Find My Way”, is it dips in and out of a spectrum of eras whilst making the sound very much its own.  Through its spacious interlude, “Find My Way” wanders into a Cream-esque frenzy of zig-zag,Wah riffs and pounding beats taking you on a voyeuristic rock journey.

2) Losing My Mind

With its  opening sombre riffs and tinny beats. “Losing My Mind” broods with understated passion that lingers through every crack and crevice. A captivating song, “Losing My Mind” is a slow burner, intensified through Page’s seductive vocals. Delivered with heartfelt emotion, Page has one of those voices that cuts to the core and resonates against the headspinning lyrics. It’s also through the ebb and flow of Page’s vocal delivery that “Losing My Mind” ingeniously draws out the  sentiments of the song. With guitars that kind of melt you, it’s through  the reverberating, curving and looping riffs that “Losing My Mind”  overflows and ripples with waves of  furore emotion.

3) Jesus

With its swagger opening riffs and clappy beats, “Jesus” side-saddles along a rickety path, tightly gripped by the murky, bluesy bass,wandering through the fuzzy drones. It’s a melancholic number whose  emotive lyrics shout from the rooftops and showcase yet again the power of Page’s vocal range. Through the pounding and clasping beats, “Jesus” tugs against the array of riffs allowing the dual vocals to seep through, creating a victorious crescendo.

4 Anytime

Through its Cinematic backdrop, piercing bass and quivering riffs, “Anytime” trembles and rummages with a restless wonder. It’s a wistful  and sublime.production, whose rumbling beats,  jagged and jangly riffs antagonise against the woeful vocals. Along with its non vocal interludes, “Anytime” sets the tone and encapsulates the dark romantism of the song. With it’s sorrowful and pensive lyrics, “ Anytime” cascades its shadows amongst the dusky skies. Through it’s extensive interlude, Anytime enters a mind-bending mix of sounds. Through its Doors-esque splodges and tribal beats, “Anytime” chills  and stands its ground against the hazy mist. It’s through these sequences of oscillating, metallic riffs that “Anytime” steps into Floyd territory, creating a haunting, art-rock ambience which is customised by the spectral vocals and dramatised by the closing piano slams .