On the Radar: “The Avon Guard”

The Avon Guard

With Dominic Silvani on vocals and Andy Mitty on guitar,  “The Avon Guard” are a dynamic duo based in London, whose  dark romanticism and melancholy is encapsulated through Silvani’s rich, baritone tones. An accomplished musician, Silvani is also a skilful songwriter who has also penned songs for his former band “Penelope’s Web”, whose single “Potboiler” was released on Cherry Red in 1990.  Likewise, Mitty also has a musical background and having been the front man of Indie glam band “Transistor” also sings the backing vocals for the band.

With a few gigs in the pipeline “The Avon Guard” have been busy in the studio recording their first album which is schedule for release in Autumn 2015. It’s through listening to their first single “Forget” that you appreciate their sophistication as artists and their overall smooth, sensual production. It’s an immaculate song which firmly places “The Avon Guard” on the Manc Radar.

With its Spanish-esque riffs and subtle synths, “Forget” is a stripped down song, which really showcases the power of Silvani’s voice.  A captivating front man, Silvani has one of those voices which is etched with emotion and schmaltz. If Nick Cave and  Engelbert Humperdinck ever had a love-child, then I think it would be Silvani. You can almost imagine Silvani being a class act singer somewhere in Sorrento under the moonlight, on a warm summer’s night. Along with having all qualities of the crooners from a golden era, Silvani’s velvet tones emit a brooding intensity that would blend smoothly into the realms of experimental, baroque/goth-rock, which in itself is an interesting and intriguing mix.