Single of the Week: “Baby Pick Me” by Bullets With Blue Eyes


Bullet With Blue Eyes are a post-punk, ska, rock band from London, whose infectious songs are reminiscent of The Clash,  The Ruts and  Madness. With Dave Smythe on guitar/keyboard/drums and Dave Purnell on vocals, Bullet With Blue Eyes are a politically infused band, whose direct lyrics shout from the terraces and make you stand up and listen. What’s distinctive about Bullets With Blue Eyes is Smythe’s raucous vocals, whose abrasive tones run riot and set the songs alight. In an age where music is often overly produced and manufactured, Bullets With Blue Eyes make a refreshing change, taking you back to the basics of Punk DIY and reminding us of a golden age.

Having released their self-titled EP in April 2015, Bullet With Blue Eyes played at Strummercamp and their featured track “Baby Pick Me”, has been selected as my Single of the Week. With echoes of The Clash, “Baby Pick Me” is a fantastic track, whose laid back rhythm and bouncy bass provides a breezy backdrop for the anthemic chorus. Along with the crunchy staccato and screechy riffs, “Baby Pick Me” provides an eclectic soundscape, which is saturated in new wave, post punk whilst adding a ska, reggae ambience to the mix. What’s impressive about “Baby Pick Me” is Smythe’s powerful vocals, which could command a crowd in one rolling take.

Available free to download, “Bullet With Blue Eyes” EP via Bandcamp.