Single of the Week: “Kevin” by Cabbage


“Cabbage” are a neo-post punk band from Manchester, whose drum beats a different beat and whose musical axis free-wheels along its own off-centred path. A truly original band, “Cabbage” is steeped in satire and diverse musicianship. With Lee Broadbent on vocals, Eoghan Clifford & Joe Martin on guitar, Stephen Evans on bass and Asa Morley on drums, “Cabbage” appear to be making it all up as they go along, through all their evolving creativity and bursting spontaneity. They are a band of no fixed abode, with a fluidity that is difficult to tame, amongst all the choas and eargasmic sounds. As well as playing at Aatma, Manchester on 19th February 2016, “Cabbage” will be releasing their debut EP “Le Chou” on 29th January 2016, which is available physically and via iTunes and Spotify. Their debut single “Kevin” has been selected as my “Single of the Week”.

“Kevin” is a quirky, idiosyncratic number, whose animated vocals wail amongst the crunchy, scribble and clicky riffs. It’s a brilliant track whose madcap motif, regenerates and reverberates through the garage, post-punk rebellion. Along with sonic scrawls and spacey drones,”Kevin” releases its off-beat spirit through the unhinged vocals, which at times sounds like a shamanistic apocalypse is taking place. Through all the mayhem and grazed guitars, lies a song which pulsates with zany and impetuous energy, that simultaneously showcases the bands refreshing talent.