Single of the Week: “Moth” by Little Illusion Machine

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Little Illusion Machine are an alternative rock trio from Manchester, whose diverse sound crosses over to a range of sub-genres from hard-rock, post-grunge, to glam-rock, Baroque pop to neo-psychedelia. They are ever-evolving, whose striking vocals and dead-pan/animated delivery could belong to Alex Turner’s younger brother. Through their dexterity and vision, Little Illusion Machine are a great reminder of that gritty guitar-laden band, that glimmers in the dark whilst residing in the realms of the chimerical. With Lloyd Kelly on vocals/ harmonies/ guitar, Ben Cullen on bass and Joe James on drums, Little Illusion Machine are an impressive new band, whose soundscape is steeped in melodrama and mystical musing, which delights and excites in equal measures. Taken from their debut EP “Melancholia On The Horizon”, released in February, “Moth” is Little Illusion Machine’s debut single, which has been selected as my “single of the week”.

Like a hybrid of Arctic Monkey’s and Last of the Shadow Puppets, “Moth” is a captivating song which showcases the rich, Northern croons of Cullen, whilst providing a perplexing narrative. Along with the fierce and slamming riffs, “Moth” provides a cloak and dagger backdrop for the inflamed lyrics and predatory undercurrents. Along with the  harmonising backing vocals and ruminating bass, “Moth” is singed  in dark romanticism that is intensified through the crespuscular shadows of the song. As a debut single, “Moth” is a stunning work of art, which benchmarks Little Illusion Machine’s talent and passion as a band and whose debut EP is highly recommended.

You can catch Little Illusion Machine  at the following gigs

Fallow Cafe on July 1st July
The Fingerpost, Stockpost on July 15th
Boatfest, Irlam on  July 16th

“Melancholia On The Horizon” EP,  is  available on iTunes and Amazon