Single of the Week “Pessoma and me (The Disquiet of Being)” by The Switch Ma-en


The Switch Ma-en are an alternative quantum punk, goth industrial band from Bolton, whose profound lyrics and intricate soundscape make them an original and progressive act. With their guitar and synth infusions, The Switch Mae-en, offer a paradoxical wave of musical manifestations  that resonate against the cerebral fuelled narratives. With its upbeat tempos, oblique synths and orchestral arrangements, The Switch Man-en flutter, shatter and quantum-leap between parallel universes across an absurd horizon. With Jean-Paul de Guyse on vocals, Troy Sanchez on guitar and Ya Kavayan on bass, The Switch Ma-en delve deep between post-punk and synth-pop rebellion, whilst artfully gleaming in the throes of avant garde innovation.

With an EP in the pipeline,  The Switch Ma-en having been busy in the studio and their debut single, “Pessoma and me (The Disquiet of Being)” has been selected as my single of the week. With its fuzzy synths, pulsating beats and industrial clatter, “Pessoma and me (The Disquiet of Being)”, prowls across a matrix of musical elucidations. It’s a great track, which short-circuits across a mass of electrical pathways, against de Guyse’s intriguing narration. Through the tinkering riffs, “Pessoma and me (The Disquiet of Being)”,  preys in the sidelines, peering in at the quivering synths whilst phantom dancing against the brooding bass, creating an  amorphous  and cinematic ambience.