Dan Treacy – a catalyst for the Creation Collective Consciousness…


Life is the ultimate mystery, nobody knows why we are here or what our purpose is, but sometimes a little magic comes our way, and somehow one seemingly unrelated event may occur and become the catalyst that sets off a whole chain of synchronistic events. Like attracts like, lift your vibe and attract our tribe, whilst obtaining cosmic electrons, protons and particles and throw them in a collective consciousness, that can reverse time, expand energy and make history.  Little did the psychedelic, garage band The Creation, know back in the 60s that they would be planting cosmic seeds, in a myriad of energy centres and whose ripples from their source pool, would still be making waves today. With hits such as “The Painter Man”, “Biff Bang Pow” and “Making Time”, The Creation stomped their pop-garage-rock psychedelic sounds in an underground coven of scrapey distortions, groovy bowed–guitars, upbeat tempos, oblique bass lines, crunchy and jagged riffs, which proved to be a catalyst for British Indie music. It was from The Creation that Alan McGee, decades later, would name his own record label after and later name his Indie band “Biff Bang Pow”, after The Creation record.

Interestingly, whenever I hear Television Personalities’ cover of  The Creation’s “Big Bang Pow”, it’s a great reminder of  the catalytic chain of events and collective influence both The Creation and Television Personalities have had on British music. Amazingly, it was Dan Treacy who influenced Alan McGee, Dick Green and Joe Foster’s ideology of ethos for Creation Records, through his innovative fusion of punk and psychedelia.


Even with the The Happy Mondays, who signed to Creation Management in 2015, there has always been 6 degrees of separation of Manc music from Dan Treacy. Like Treacy, Shaun Ryder is a sort of hedonist, urban poet and coincidentally, whenever I listen to  Television Personlities’  cover  of “Big Bang Pow”, it always reminds me of some Happy Mondays’ track, which has been sped up and spent a weekend in Brighton, amongst the Mods and the Rockers.


Through the legacy of The Creation and Television Personalities, Creation Records was formed in 1983, and led by Alan McGee, Joe Foster and Dick Green, who championed indie music and whose stream of shoegazing, dream-pop, post-punk, noise-pop, electronica, folk, and alternative rock, realising records from artists such as “The Jesus and Mary Chain”, “Primal Scream”, “The Bodines”, “Felt”, “My Bloody Valentine”, “The Pastels”, “The House of Love”, “Ride”, “Sugar”, “The Boo Radleys”,  “Oasis”, “Super Furry Animals”, etc.

With Creation Collective Consciousness appeared to be a place where everything was possible, a place of the proverbial sex, drugs and rock n rolls, where all the hedonists, misfits, poets, artists, beatniks, existentialists, mystics, Crowleyites, Renaissance men, Alan Watts graduates, rebels, rejects, gothabillies, Dandy thespians, villains, heroes, Pulp comic collectors, Bruised Bukowskis, Industrial noise rockers, Bluesmen, Psychedelic witches, Erickson Elevators, Horror rockers, the Jungarians, the addictives, nonlinear thinkers, Hippy Shakers, Nietzcheans all hung out, trying to free themselves from enslavement, in a road of excess, trying to find their extraordinary self, the super-ego, the ubermensch, the alter ego.

It also appeared to be a place where all the artistic Dionysians would  become intoxicated by their senses in an empiricists kaleidoscopic swirl of emotional chaos, whilst getting high on a toxic mix of dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. Creation Collective Consciousness Records, also appeared to be a place fuelled by intense passion and desire, whether it was linked with “lust and chaos” or simply an outlet for re-routed sexual energy or a haven for the “creative tortured soul”, with the “artistic temperament”. It also appeared to be a places for dreamers, who try and catch the stars whilst floating on a cloud and whose senses can often  lead them astray in a world of copies and imperfect imitations,with the risk of becoming delusional. However, some dreams come true and reside in the metaphysical realms of the universe and can manifest into a reality, through vision, self belief, and gritty determination. Moreover, the imagination is more powerful than facts and knowledge, and can create any state of surrealism, whether chemically induced or not and can unlock elements from the subconscious mind, mental states and fantasies as well as providing inspiration for abstract expressionism, which stimulates creativity, whilst liberating all the Mavericks that continue to inspire and stretch boundaries in every day life. Without the dreamers, there wouldn’t have been any Creation Records… or music which is very much planted in our psyche.

“The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable. Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven’s sake.” ( Kurt Vonnegut)