Manc Review Music Awards 2017


Best Female Singer – Turner

Louise Turner is a singer songwriter from Salford, whose pure, yet strong, vocals puts her on a par with the likes of Olivia Newton John and Eva Cassidy, whilst oozing a contemporary freshness in her pristine and melancholic music. With her spacious and unravelling catalogue of sounds, Turner makes you immediately feel at ease, allowing you to drift away to your own inner sanctuary and soak up the exquisite sounds.  Currently in the studio, working on her new album “Daydreams & Stars”, Turner is an artist, really worth checking out.

Best Male Singer – myjoy

“myjoy is a Manchester based electronic artist, whose music is a progressive fusion of post-industrial, synth-pop and neo-classical dark wave. Through the clangs, clatter, beeps and menacing synths, myjoy awakens the nocturnal senses, circumnavigating through celestial skies, gazing at the guitar twinkles, whilst prowling through the white noise. An accomplished singer-songwriter, myjoy is a mesmering artist, whose immaculate vocals resonate against the backdrop of brooding and crepuscular ambience.”

Best Manchester Band – Pines

“Pines” are an alternative, experimental, electronic, trip-hop, industrial neo-psychedelic pop/rock band from Manchester, whose eclectic and textured sounds, makes them set the bar high amongst their musical peers. They are a progressive act who think outside the box, providing knee-jerk reactions, sensory bliss and abstract imaginary from their visceral veins. Their EP “’Technicolor Rendered’” is a captivating catharsis, which effortlessly glides between idyllic romanticism, chimeral wilderness and delves into the realms of nocturnal introspection. It’s intrinsically crafted, which showcases (Chris )Coopers’s talent as a singer-songwriter and poetic troubadour. As a front-man, Cooper is effortlessly cool, starry-eyed, whilst capturing the sentiments of the songs through his pristine vocals.”

Best Non-Manchester Band – Turning Black Like Lizards

“Turning Black Like Lizards” are a neo-psychedelic, post-punk, shoegazing and dream-pop band from the Black Country, whose mesmerising and shadowy sounds, tilts towards goth macabre whilst staying true to their new wave roots.” Turning Black Like Lizards” are purveyors of dark wave music, that thrills, chills and throbs through its scattered farfisa, poetic and delphic delivery. A hybrid of spacious instrumentals and tightly gripped suspense, “Turning Black Like Lizards” resurrect all the archetypes of the 70/80s alternative music scene, whilst adding their own individual symphony of sounds.”

Best International Act – TexasBob Juarez

“TexasBob Juarez is an alternative rock act based in London, whose jangly and thunderous beats shudder your spine and waken your senses. Along with the space drones and telescopic beams, Juarez orbits from a distant star, whilst emitting infrared light. Through his vocal wailing and instrumental prowess, Juarez surfs-rock his garage, industrial waves alongside The Pixies and Husker Du, creating a 90s nostalgia, dipping into the hazy ebb and flow of contemporary psych bands such as Night Beats and Dead Rabbits. Lyrically accomplished, Juarez provides a glimpse of his psychedelic soul, amongst the rainbows and the thunderstorms.”

Single of the Year – “Like You Less” and “Had Enough” by Jetstream Pony

“They are a breezy mix of murky garage, throbbing post-punk, and quantum noise-pop, whilst being sweetened by the exquisite tones of Arzy. As a front woman, Arzy bridges the gap between the shoegazing tones of Lush, third wave feminism associated with the Riot grrrl movement with the combined aesthetics and ethos of the Brit-pop female-fronted bands such as Elastica, and Sleeper.”

Album of the Year – “From A To B And Back Again” by La Bella Luna

“La Bella Luna are a dynamic duo, whose post-punk, art rock is infused with a quirky, off-beat blend of industrial, new wave, post-psychobilly, neo-psychedelic synth-pop. An individualistic band, La Bella Luna are a law to themselves, a spontaneous mix of experimental and abstract musings, whose baritone tones are likened to Ian Curtis in a sunnier climate.”

Most Under-rated Manchester Band Ever in the History of the Universe – Puressence

“Puressence weren’t a band you could pigeon-hole, they were a mesmerising mix of alternative rock, electronica, shoegazing, dark wave, soul and neo-psychedelia.They were an industrious, uncompromising band, a law to themselves, whose charismatic lead singer ticked all the boxes and won over a legion of fans. As a front man, Mudriczki was the epicentre of Puressence, blessed with a voice that chills, thrills and scores feverish on the Richter scale.”

Best Newcomer – Nihilists

“Some bands, like stars, burn brighter than others, they stand out and emit radiation across an array of electromagnetic spectrums. They are a colossal force, whose music form emission nebulas that emit light of various colours. The sound waves they transmit travel with high-energy photons, through a series of interstellar regions or pathways.”

Classical Composer of the Year – Craig Gannon

“It’s not until you listen to Craig Gannon’s back catalogue of music, you realise what an exemplary musician he is.. Proving that he isn’t a one-trick pony Craig has composed and produced music for television and film over recent years, with an impressive CV that has brought him International success.”

Music Woman of the Year – Emma Rule (Founder of Musicians Against Homelessness)

“Emma created Musicians Against Homelessness, a series of more than 100 gigs launched by former Oasis manager Alan McGee a year ago, to raise funds for Crisis and other homelessness charities, and provide gig opportunities for up-and-coming bands.

Featuring performances  by members of the Sex Pistols, Happy Mondays, Buzzcocks and Cast, Musicians Against Homelessness has raised more than £43,000 in 2016 alone.

By 2017, the figure is now close to the 100k mark, with around 1000 bands and artists that have performed to date and/or around 250 gigs and festivals. Such an achievement is testament to Emma’s passion, hard-work and dedication to the cause.

Through Emma’s commitment, Musicians Against Homelessness, has encouraged bands from all genres, ages and backgrounds to come forward,enabling them to perform, whilst advocating inclusion, opportunity and raising money for a great cause.

Along with the support of more established bands, Emma has created a sense of solidarity, humanity and brought the harsh realities of homelessness to the attention of the government, whilst helping change lives for the better.  Emma is truly an exemplary human being, a kind, compassionate soul, and an inspiration to so many people.

Music Man of the Year – Damian Brave Morgan (Interior Live Agency/BIMM Manchester/Manager of The Orielles)

“Damian oversees BIMM Manchester’s liaison with the wider music industry, providing links to external music business & events professionals, sourcing career opportunities, internships and placements. He is also responsible for events strategy alongside the events coordinator, booking of masterclasses & guests, and BIMM Manchester’s program of Artist Development.”

“Always works with efficiency, honesty and integrity” Terry Hall (The Specials)

“An agent who always tells the truth, delivers the best deal for you as an artist” Mike Joyce (The Smiths/BBC6 Music)”

Music Book of the Year – The Psychedelic Confessions Of A Primal Screamer by Martin St John

“Many bands claim to be era-defining. Few are. Primal Scream were. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be at the birth of one of rock n roll’s bastard offspring then this book is for you. Martin St John was Primal Scream’s leather gloved flailing skeleton, bashing away on the tambourine in the 1960s obsessive, garage psyche , mid-eighties period. He was there, bang central , in the middle of the psychedelic maelstom-in the days before Screamadelica, in the days before Top Of The Pops, in the days before Glastonbury – and he has a story to tell. If you think you know Primal Scream, think again. The Psychedelic Confessions Of A Primal Screamer will introduce you to six Glaswegian garage heads hell bent on acid, hard kicks and psychedelia. And there’s more again. . .”

Music Photographer of the Year – Paul Husband

“Paul’s the most naturally gifted photographer I’ve ever come across. He shows a rare sensitivity towards people.”(Guy Garvey /Elbow)

“Paul possesses that most unique of talents. It’s the one that allows people to recognise your work in isolation. His photos have a unique other-worldly quality. I love them. I think he’s my favourite photographer. He even made me look cool(ish). No mean feat.”Marc Riley (BBC Radio DJ)