Drawn from the centre of the universe to Manchester…


1) Since Manchester is famous for being a vibrant, cosmopolitan city, with a thriving music and art scene, do you think there are enough artist-run spaces and hubs to encourage new talent within the city and outer areas?

Manchester artists have a strong reputation for being independent, strong willed and very creative. Spaces pop up all the time, what we need is a strong supportive social media platform that gets us out to a world wide audience. Without my own use of social media my work would not seem to the level is has. But like all art it’s best seen as an actual product.

2) You have been creating pop-art since 2003, do you think there needs to be a Warhol-esque revolution of the way music is interpreted or represented through art or do you think the opportunities have been superseded or redefined by the digital age?

You’re never going to get a Warhol esq impact again… but then Warhol hit the mark at the right time. My work is born out of a life event that changed everything for me. Because of the way music is streamed we don’t get the same large scale impact like we used to have. But there’s time yet and I predict that time coming soon.. book sales are on the up and so are vinyls… fuck let’s start our own revolution.


3) You have created a magnificent mural of cultural icons of the North West in the Nags Head Pub in Manchester, how long did that take you to create?

A lifetime

4) Following the success of your mural at the Nags Head Pub, the popularity of your art work is growing from strength to strength, with exhibitions of your work being displayed in places such as the Northern Quarter and the National Football museum, what direction do you see your work going next?

… world domination without losing my soul


5) Peter Hook, Shaun Ryder, Rowetta, Liam Gallagher are amongst some famous fans of your art-work,  is there anyone out there you would love to commission work for?

When Liam slaps some swag in the palm of my hands that’ll make me happy… But in truth my fans… they’ve supported me this far on my journey and hopefully new ones that start to enjoy my art.

6) Over recent years, there has been an economic boom in Manchester, which has seen many old historical buildings being knocked down, music venues demolished in favour of tower blocks, flats and apartments, so I think your art-work in particular is more relevant than ever as it provides a much needed industrial and cultural narrative. In view of this, do you think the correlation between music and art is in danger of being lost in translation?

Only if it affects my future.. Most of the work I’ve created to date is influenced by events before Manchester was modernised, but then every generation could say that… I’m pretty sure Lowry didn’t think that way… what he did was lock the culture of the time in paint… I lock mine in ink Future!! Bring it on Stay gold.