Single of the Week “Excuse My French” by Woman You Stole

Hayley Faye

Not since the Riot grrrl movement of the early 90s has female fronted bands of today reclaimed their power with such fierce finesse. Bands such as Warpaint, Haim, First Aid Kit and Dreamwife have stayed true to the ethos of third-wave feminism, whilst dwelling in an underground of siren-esque yearnings and wistful angst. However, what’s been missing from the equation is a band which delves deeper and revisits the unhinged, idiosyncratic, jittery energy of new wave 70s post-punk.  With remnants of Blondie, Pixies, The B52s, The Go Gos,  The Donnas, PJ Harvey and Deefhoof, “Woman You Stole” have ripped up the rule book and redefined DIY ethics, bringing back the spontaneity and avant-garde aesthetics of art-pop, surf-garage, dream-pop, noise-rock and neo-folk whilst  generating their own brand of riotous rock.

With Hayley Faye on vocals , Jack Corcoran on bass and Steve Native on drums, “Woman You Stole” are a collective powerhouse whose eclectic tribalism and cinematic escapades are encapsulated in their noir-punk debut single “Excuse My French”. It’s a superb track, whose improvised creativity and vocal fluidity unleash the erratic and unpredictable spirit of the band. As a lead singer, Faye ticks all the boxes and whose wayward tones effortlessly stream aside the mutating soundscape. Along with the witty lyrics and adrenaline driven crescendo, “Excuse My French”’s video is a visual delight, meticulously crafted and whose erotic undertones captivates the imagination, whilst creating an overall immaculate production.

With an  album and tour in the pipeline, “Woman You Stole” have been gaining an ever growing fan base. They are really worth checking out, and their debut single, “Excuse My French”, has been selected as my single of the week.