Single of the Week: “Hello Hollywood” by TexasBobJuarez/ SparkleStars


TexasBob Juarez  has to be one of the busiest and hardworking musicians out there. As a member of Television Personalities, a guitarist for ex Strawberry Switchblade Rose McDowall,  former tour guitarist for Adam Ant, a multi-instrumentalist, DJ and Co-founding member for Creation Dream Machine, with Alan McGee, TexasBob  Juarez  has dedicated his life to music and whose talent is forever in demand as musician, producer and creative director. Following his success of  “Northern Lights I See”, TexasBob Juarez is continuing with his solo project “SparkleStars” and releasing  a new album “Through The Looking Glass Darkly” and whose debut track “Hello Hollywood”, (featuring MGMT member James Richardson on French Horns and throughout the album) has been selected as my “Single of The Week”.

As the debut single, Hello Hollywood sets the tone and draws you into the hauntingly beautiful and emotionally driven world of TexasBob Juarez, and intrigues you with all the dark sentiments and melancholic musings. It’s a poignant powerhouse of psych-post-punk, which flashes, spins and whirls in a stream of distant discord and aloof abandon. It’s a running commentary of disillusion, nostalgia and awakening, whilst reacquainting the past with the present. Through the cacophony of riffs and pounding beats, Hello Hollywood pulsates with a formidable force, that zig-zags deep into its chaotic core. Along with the inflamed vocals and eerie wails, Hello Hollywood is a soul eruption, a homecoming trip, which flashbacks and backtracks along a wondrous trail. Through the wistful French Horns and orchestral sweeps, Hello Hollywood ebbs and flows towards a spectral shore, dipping into Baroque-Beatle-Bacharach esque territory, whilst creating an intense, rambunctious riot. It’s a mesmerising track, that glitters and gleams amongst the shadows of post-punk, whilst reflecting its own brand of neo-psychedelic light.

Released on October 14th 2019,  “Through The Looking Glass Darkly”, featuring “Hello Hollywood” is an album worth checking out and can be purchased via Burger Records.

“Hello Hollywood!”
Through The Looking Glass Darkly
Burger Records (2019)

TexasBob Juarez – Lead Vocals,12String Electric Guitar,Bass Guitar,Harmonies,Backing Vocals

Tyson Sheth – Drums,Percussion

James Richardson-French Horns

Recorded,Produced and Mixed by John Griffin

Produced by John Griffin and TexasBob Juarez

Recorded in Houston Texas and Los Angeles California

Video Directed,Filmed,Edited for Hello Hollywood! by Kyle Swick and Alyssa Holland

Storyboard Idea/Concept for Hello Hollywood!Video by TexasBob Juarez

Filmed in Santa Monica California,Hollywood California,West Hollywood California, Silverlake, Los Angeles, Echo Park.