The Delaplains

The Delaplains are an alternative guitar-laden band from Manchester, whose jangly and chiming riffs creates a hazy backdrop for their breezy, melancholic songs. Compiled of Phidel McCabe on vocals/guitars, Jason Goodwin on guitar, Oliver Bernasconi on bass and James Brown on drums/vocals. The Delaplains are a gust of brilliance, that shines and reflects, whilst keeping their feet firmly on the ground. Imagine a band with the jangly essence of The Smiths, the pounding urgency of The Doves and the razor sharpness of The Stone Roses, which emits an intangible, dreamy sensuality, then you get the idea of what The Delaplains are about. They are a band which effortlessly treads over the threshold of the beat sounds of the 60s, whilst upholstering it with  semi-shoegaze, new-wave and dream-pop textures. They are a brilliant band, who ingeniously create an alluring and romantic soundscape, whilst making you crave an emotional retreat.

Now having released their debut EP “Gypsy Blood”, in December 2012, The Deleplains have been making waves across Manchester, playing at a number of venues across the city.With their title track “Gypsy Blood” recently having featured on, The Deleplains are definitely a band that deserves a lot of success. Having caught the eye of the American Independent record label “Manic Pop”, The Delephains released in March 2013 a limited edition of the EP on vinyl in both the UK and USA.

Through its bobbing, crunchy riffs and dual harmonies “Eleanor”, is deeply rooted in 6os nostalgia, whilst being revived by 80s new-wave jangly pop. It’s a sublime, hazy song, whose textured layers of wonky, spinning, bending drones and flickering riffs creates an overall stunning shoegaze soundscape. Evoking feelings of sun-drenched melancholy, “Eleanor” draws you in through McCabe’s mellow vocals and lovelorn lyrics. Through its fleeting intervals of stripped down, but slamming riffs, “Eleanor” lays bare, revealing its raw emotion, encapsulated through the lyric: “ …only let you down, only break your heart...”. Despite being fired up through  the pitter-patter of percussions and clickety riffs, “Eleanor” drifts into a wistful out-tro, that resonates and reflects through the wondrous and curving riffs.

With its extended intro, “Gypsy Blood” races with resolute force, through its duality of taut and loose riffs that strums and mutate into more  jangly tones. Bulldozing through its tight-fisted veneer, “Gypsy Blood” is quickly softened by McCabe’s laid-back vocals and tender lyrics. Lyrics such as “Oh my god I think I’ve fallen in love for the very first time”  illustrate the sheer brilliance of the band’s skill at conveying a bold romanticism, whilst still sounding cool, calm and collected. It’s a meticulously crafted song, whose clatter of choppy, shimmery  and clanging riffs, hammer against the flicker of percussions and throbbing bass. It’s a brilliant song whose rumbling, out-tro weaves a translucent loop of sounds, that dip and slam against the subtle layer of backing vocals, creating a more free and complacent soundscape.

With its distinctive bass, “Statues” pulsates with  upbeat vigor, which is maintained through the plucky, stomping riffs. Through the undertow of swaying dual harmonies and intricate clapping beats that “Statues” creates a halcyon of sounds. Along with the cluster and trickle of jangly riffs, “Statues” races with a fervent energy which crashes and staggers  allowing the understated melancholy to seep through. Along, with McCabe’s sombre vocals, “Statues” sentiments are captured in the emotive lyrics:“’I know you’ve your reasons, its never been easy for you….the weight of the world is on your shoulders and its too heavy’, which is briefly uplifted by the spinning and stomping riffs. Despite its upbeat demeanour, “Statues” is essentially steeped in dark emotion and whose melancholy is crystallised in the closing out-tro.

With its pounding and chugging drums, “Sleeping With The Lights On” pulsates with a pensive energy, which is intensified by McCabe’s wistful vocals. Incorporating new-wave jangly riffs likened to Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Cocteau Twins, “Sleeping With The Lights” also cascades a stream of riffs likened to early Stone Roses. It’s an exquisite song, which once again shows us The Delaplains’ skill at evoking a spectrum of emotions through their impeccable riffs. Lyrically sorrowful,Sleeping With The Lights On”’s sentiment is drawn out through the poetic lyrics of: ” ‘all my blue skies they’re all floating away from me…when i’m looking for you’, which lingers and resonates through MacCabe’s notably softer tones. It’s also a song, whose subtle underlay of floaty backing vocals and xylophonic tinkles creates a  more ethereal sound, synchronising with the wistful elements of the song.

You can catch The Delaplains at:

Rebecca’s, Barnsley-  Friday 19th April 2013

The Cockpit, Leeds- Friday 26th April 2013

The Band on The Wall- Friday 10th May 2013

Cavern Club, Liverpool- Tuesday 21st May 2013

Sound Control, Manchester- Sunday 11th August 2013