Single Of The Day – “Burning Wish” by Pennies by the Pound

Pennies by the Pound are an alternative rock band from Helsinki, Finland, formed in 2016 whose catchy, thought-provoking and dreamy songs float from the wings of prog-rock, neo-folk, dark wave, baroque-pop and neo-psychedelic. With Johannes Susitaival on vocals, drums, keyboards and rhythm guitar, Vesa Ranta on lead guitar and rhythm guitar and Tomi Laaksonen on bass, Pennies by the Pound are a band that ponders and explores their musical adventures with a clean-cut pristine, that awakens the senses and shines from the soul. Like the cosmic cousin of Jethro Tull, Marillion, Marty Wilson-Pipe and King Crimson, Pennies by the Pound are a band of abundance and extravagance, that merges the classically crafted with the contemporary carved.

Following the success of their Bloodshed and the Blinding Sunlight EP in 2018, and their brilliant album, Heat Death Of The Universe released in 2021, Pennies by the Pound have released their colossal single Burning Wish, which has been selected as my Single Of The Day. Remastered by Ride’s frontman Mark Gardener, at his OX4Sound Studio in Oxford, along with national producer Rauli ‘Rake’ Eskolin, Burning Wish is a solar flare of sounds, that shines from the bountiful beams of experimental rock.

Taken from the “Heat Death Of The Universe”, Burning Wish picks up the plectrum of prog-rock, strums into the space skies of space-rock and Zig-zags into the frontiers of neo-psychedelia. It’s an epic track, whose virtuoso guitar playing preens majestically, and wanders through the ever-spanning soundscapes of alternative rock. It’s a track that stretches every gamut of style, and digs deep into the treasure trove of electro-guitar infused music. Through the extended interludes and sonic spurts, Burning Wish evokes a spectrum of emotion that devours with a true sense of musicianship. Along with the sonic stomps, fierce vocals, farfisa fuzz and rumbling beats, Burning Wish renews, regenerates and rises like a sunrise, across a jangly horizon. It’s a nomadic free-spirit that mutates and morphs in a euphoric spin of space-synths and speckled strums, whilst burning from the ashes of neo-folk.

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As of June 8th 2022, ‘Burning Wish’ will be released across digital stores and streaming platforms, including Apple MusicSpotify and Bandcamp, where you can also obtain the ‘Heat Death of the Universe’ LP directly from the artists themselves.

Music and lyrics by Johannes Susitaival
Arrangement by Pennies by the Pound & Rauli Eskolin
Johannes Susitaival – vocals, drums, rhythm guitar, keyboards
Vesa Ranta – lead guitar
Alexander Meaney – rhythm and lead guitar
Tomi Laaksonen – bass
Rauli Eskolin – background vocals, keyboards
Produced, recorded and mixed by Rauli Eskolin
Mastered by Mark Gardener
record label Lilith

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